Dart Neuroscience

Ken Dart is the president of Dart NeuroScience (DNS), a private company dedicated to preserving cognitive vitality through cutting-edge research, advanced technology, and innovative therapies.

Ken Dart Dart Neuroscience
Building on a lifelong interest in cognitive science, Ken founded DNS in Delaware in 2007. The company merged with Helicon Therapeutics in 2012, and now continues to advance its cause of cognitive health from a new San Diego location.

Of particular interest to DNS is memory retention. The company hosts an Extreme Memory Tournament each year to challenge the world’s top minds in a series of competitive memory battles. The scientists at DNS have also created an online memory task called The Extreme Memory Challenge, which will help them identify the strongest memories in the world in order to better understand the human mind’s incredible capacity to recall and thrive.

Ken Dart Dart Neuroscience
To learn more about Dart NeuroScience and Ken’s leadership role within the company, visit www.dartneuroscience.com.