Kenneth B. Dart

Visionary Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

Born in Mason, Michigan in 1955, Ken Dart is one of today’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. He began his career in the family business, working for foam cup manufacturer Dart Container Corporation. Ken played a pivotal role in the company’s growth for several decades, and then switched his focus to ambitious real estate development projects in the Cayman Islands. He continues to reside in the Cayman Islands, making a positive impact on the local culture through his business and philanthropic endeavors.

Leadership, new urbanism, and philanthropy all come together in the dynamic and visionary person of Kenneth B. Dart. Ken’s impressive career trajectory has taken him from his foam cup manufacturing origins in Mason, Michigan to the Cayman Islands, where he developed a planned community called Camana Bay. Here are four things you should know about Kenneth Dart:

He Built a Unique Town in the Cayman Islands

A family vacation to the Cayman Islands so inspired Ken Dart that he decided to build a unique town there. Called Camana Bay, this town boasts an exciting mix of commercial, retail, residential, restaurant and entertainment options all within a walkable community.

He’s a Proven Leader

For 15 years (1986-2001), Ken Dart served as President of Dart Container Corporation. During his tenure, the company grew its product line, improved its product and service quality, and expanded into more markets.

He’s Passionate About Youth Education

Ken Dart serves on the Board of Directors for the Dart Foundation, a private family foundation established in 1984 to support and encourage youth education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Board also supports projects that strengthen and improve the quality of life in numerous identified communities.

He’s Committed to Journalistic Excellence

Ken Dart established the Dart Center to support informed, innovative, and ethical news reporting on violence, conflict, and tragedy.