Made In Cayman

Ken Dart is a proud sponsor of Made in Cayman, a project that celebrates the vibrant and talented artists who live in the Cayman Islands. This series of short documentaries was produced entirely on the island.

Made in Cayman showcases the unique and colorful contributions that local artists and entrepreneurs make to the Cayman Islands, promoting their talents throughout the island and around the world. Series One profiles 22 artists and shows how their hard work and dedication sheds an illuminating light on Cayman’s history and culture. The artisans featured in Made in Cayman offer a wide range of creative products, from beauty and fashion to art and sculpture, all of which are grounded in artistic mastery.

Ken Dart Made In Cayman
In addition to sponsoring the Made in Cayman series, Dart has served the local community through its development of a lively town called Camana Bay. This town attracts locals and tourists alike with its premium mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Camana Bay hosts a weekly farmers’ market, which gives local farmers and artisans a venue from which to promote and sell their products.

Ken Dart Made In Cayman
Camana Bay itself is an aesthete’s dream come true, as it combines the beauty of natural landscaping with feats of architectural mastery to create a special town that is worthy of the Caymanian artists and locals.

Dart has been headquartered in the Cayman Islands for more than 20 years, and in that time, it has made important and lasting contributions to the preservation and growth of the country’s local culture. Ken Dart is happy to play a role in spreading the word about local artists through his support of Made in Cayman. Learn more at