Dart Foundation

Headquartered in Mason, Michigan, the Dart Foundation was established in 1984 by Ken Dart’s parents, William A. and Claire T. Dart. The Dart Foundation helps to improve lives in the mid-Michigan area through generous investments in youth education and other initiatives. With a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics grants, the Dart Foundation is preparing students to succeed in the industries that are leading the way in innovation and opportunities.

The fact that the Dart Foundation supports science education should come as no surprise: the Dart family built its success on a solid foundation of science, technology, and innovation. When William A. Dart’s father, W.F. Dart, opened a small machine shop in Mason, Michigan in the late 1930s, he manufactured plastic key cases, steel tape measures and military ID tags. But all the while, he continued to experiment with plastics, and his experimentation led to the invention of the foam cup. Because of his belief in the power of science and innovation, William A. Dart was proud to reward young inventors and mathematicians for their hard work and big ideas. The Dart Foundation continues to grant academic scholarships in honor of William A. Dart’s generous wishes.

Ken Dart Dart Foundation
The Dart Foundation has garnered praise for its commitment to improving lives in Michigan. In 2013, the Greater Lansing Business Monthly named the Dart Foundation the Social Responsibility Organization of the Year, citing the Foundation’s $56 million worth of donations to educational and philanthropic causes since the early 1980s.

To learn more about this private family foundation and the good work it continues to do, visit www.dartfoundation.org.