Minds Inspired

Because he lives and works in the Cayman Islands, Ken Dart has a very personal stake in the future of the people who live there. That’s why he is proud to support Minds Inspired, a Dart-funded series of educational initiatives that provide scholarship and learning opportunities to high school and university students.

A strong educational foundation is essential to success, and Minds Inspired helps deserving Cayman high school and college students reach their goals by awarding academic scholarships. Rising Grade 9 students are eligible for The Minds Inspired High School Scholarship, which focuses on math and science education; while accomplished college students compete for the William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship, which provides financial assistance in all fields of study.

Ken Dart Minds Inspired
The Minds Inspired scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2012, and in this short time, it has already made a positive difference in the lives of high school and college students. In what is expected to become an annual tradition, the scholarship recipients have the opportunity to meet with members of Dart’s senior leadership team for an informal luncheon. During this meeting, Dart leaders impart words of wisdom while getting to know the bright young scholars.

The Minds Inspired scholarship recipients also have the option to work in Dart’s offices over summer break, which gives them a chance to gain firsthand knowledge of a range of business fields such as on-site construction engineering and human resources. The combination of financial assistance and hands-on learning makes Minds Inspired a life-changing scholarship.

In addition to awarding academic scholarships to students, Minds Inspired spearheads a number of other educational initiatives such as the Maths Challenge and the Work Experience Programme.

Learn more about Minds Inspired at http://mindsinspired.ky.